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Triple Your Persuasive Power Workshop – Bangkok, Thailand

Have you ever asked yourself – How can I get people to listen to me and trust me? Or how can I close my next sale and communicate effectively about my business?ūü§Ē

The answer is simple, you just have to be persuasive!

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We are getting ready to launch a new book!

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Check out a quick mention we got in a write up on at the UNICEF Thailand international youth day!

Check out the full article here –¬†

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Diverse Communities

We Share Perspectives

Our mission is to build a more tolerant and understanding society. We achieve this by creating safe spaces that allow people to come together to start having discussions that matter. Giving them the chance to be heard, to speak their mind, and to agree and disagree respectfully.

Over the years we’ve seen deep friendships built between Christians & Muslims, Conservatives and Liberals, Rich and Poor. We have seen the wonderful ways in which people connect after having the opportunity to meet, and this drives us to continue our discussions in communities all over the world.

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Find Voice, Build a Community, Improve Your 21st Century Communication Skills

Who Benefits?


Most of the people that join Aristotle’s Cafe are people who are looking to improve themselves. They want to have the chance to learn, communicate effectively, and build healthier relationships.



For professionals working in the field of Education РFacilitation is focused on the process. Allowing students to grow both academically, but also personally through a guided experience.


Good teams are difficult to put together, and even more difficult to keep together –¬†strengthen team culture, inspire collaboration, and build creative confidence.

‚ÄúI thought it was great! I really liked coming together with Thai people, Spanish people, people from Italy. It was definitely a meeting of the minds‚ÄĚ

Billy, USA

"I think this experience is very entertaining. But more than entertaining it's enlightening."

Elin, Iceland

"Joining Aristotle's Cafe has made me realize something... When you someone shares their opinion, you don't always want to listen. The best thing here is that you have to - maybe you like it, maybe you don't."

Prin, Thailand

"I find the discussion very beneficial as I am a university student and there is not much chance to talk about these topics normally."

Vivian, Australia

What are the Benefits of Leading Discussions?

Create a Safe Space, Empower Participants, Gain a Never-Ending Flow of Ideas, and Master Ask Powerful Questions

Not all of us find peace and contentment in the same way. For some, leading discussions or Facilitation is a kind of meditation, sitting in the center of a hurricane of life experience and opinions. Learning to become a process expert and guiding the group throughout their journey will bring great rewards.


Joining Aristotle’s Cafe has helped me learn more about other people, but more importantly joining these discussions has helped me learn more about myself.

Jonathan, USA



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Be Part of Something Special

Bringing people together and creating a space for someone to be heard is a powerful thing.

Sometimes we forget how good it feels to be listened to. Aristotle’s Cafe Facilitators and participants come together for a 1-hour session to give one another the chance to be part of a community of respect and different perspectives.

Our sessions give you the chance to find confidence and the chance to improve your leadership, critical thinking, public speaking, active listening skills, cultural intelligence, personal development, and communication skills. All of which will help you be successful in our ever-globalizing and diverse world.

If you are interested and ready to join us check out our Facebook Page for the most updated information on our events.

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