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Small Group Discussion Facilitation - Aristotle's Cafe



Persuasion, Sales, and Negotiation Skills for Life



How to Use Zoom Like a Pro (And Look Good Doing It!)



Online Authentic and Effective Communication (2021)



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Hassan Ghiassi is the Founder of Aristotle’s Cafe, an entrepreneur, and a consultant.

Coming from an American-Iranian background, growing up he was always fascinated with how different cultures and people communicated.

He has worked for over a decade to design a format that brings people together to have discussions that matter.

He’s made a major impact with over 300 facilitators trained globally, over 1,000 facilitated discussions in person and virtually, and he’s even had the chance to sit down with over 10,000 people to talk about some of life’s most important subjects.

Throughout that journey he’s had the chance to hone his skills in diversity & inclusion, digital marketing, organizational culture, and more.

He’s often asked to run workshops or speak on the subjects that you’ll find on his online bestselling courses.


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What Our Students Say

Thank you Hassan for a well thought out course. Whether your student intends to use Zoom professionally or casually your course is packed full of important information. I thought your suggestion on how to handle cross-talk with the use of the mute function very professional. For anyone using Zoom in a noisy environment your suggestion of adding a noise-canceling app. pays for the course alone. I highly recommend this course to anyone.


Zoom Like a Pro Student

Hassan is a great teacher who gives you all the essentials without the fluff. In no time you can do it all. Highly recommended!


Persuasion, Sales, and Negotiation Student

Really helpful to learn Hassan’s method for facilitating small group discussions. I love how community driven and humble the course is and I look forward to facilitating my own discussions!



Small Group Discussion Facilitation Student


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