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Founder of Aristotle’s Cafe, Hassan has brought this unique approach to small group discussion globally and has a Top Rated Facilitation Training Course on Udemy, an online learning platform. Awarded by the National Communication Association for Experiential Learning in 2011, he continues to train others in leading small group discussions.

Hassan Ghiassi has run workshops at Universities, inside Corporations, and even at the Techsauce Global Summit – one of the biggest tech conferences in the world. With 13 years of international experience working across 3 continents, Hassan knows what it takes to connect with people both personally and professionally.

His goal is to help others improve their communication skills – taking the mystery out of creating engaging conversations, captivating speakers, and masterful leaders.

A lover of communication – he has found success living and working across three continents. Not only overcoming cultural and language barriers but finding a way to turn every situation into a positive one. To book one of his services one on one check out the list below and pick an available time on the calendar.

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