Manifestation Meditation, Everything You Need to Know


In order to understand manifestation meditation, you must first split the term in two, and look at these two psychological practices separately.

There are several reasons why meditation is listed in our feature on ‘Great Self-Awareness Examples & Activities’. Proper breathing, mental awareness, and looking inward – the essentials of meditative practice – can help anyone who has trouble managing the chaos of the mind.

Through meditation, you can find the stillness in the eye of the storm, and from there see the mind’s storm for what it truly is – inevitable, ever-shifting, and reflective of your own psychological awareness.

In short, constantly practicing meditation will help you to manage your positive and negative thoughts, wants, needs, and desires, which in turn can allow you to become more open to the universe. And in this state of self-awareness and openness, you can practice a more authentic and powerful form of manifestation.

Manifestation is the act of recognizing that you can have anything you want and be anything that you want to be. Also known as the law of attraction, you can begin manifesting by simply putting positive intentions out into the world and trusting that the world responds in kind.

Manifestation Meditation is a Powerful Tool

While some may dismiss it as some ill-informed attempt at fate-changing, at its core, manifestation is a powerful motivational tool. It’s a way of signaling to your heart’s deepest desires, and in the process developing an energy that attracts the right people, organizations, hobbies, and life-changes.

Whether you want to get promoted at work, to attract the attention of someone you like, or to reach the breakthrough that will get you to the next level of your art, craft, or science, it’s all about self-confidence and projecting the right energy. And these are what you seek to develop through manifestation.

Combined with the act of meditation, manifestation can become an even more effective tool for attracting whatever you want in life. “Our thoughts are powerful,” details yoga instructor and wellness expert Sophie Jaffel. “What we think, what we become — with the assistance of certain spiritual tools and hard work, we can manifest the life we’ve always dreamed of.”


Manifestation Meditation, Backed by Research

In fact, the different ways in which meditation can improve the mind are actually well recognized by researchers and academics in the sciences.

After studying the magnetic resonance (MR) brain images of participants in their Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, the findings of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness suggest that an 8-week mindfulness meditation course could improve memory, empathy, and sense of self.

This is based on changes in the brain structures of participants as seen in the MR images, such as increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus – crucial for both learning and memory. This is just one of the many scientific studies supporting meditation which have been put forward in recent years.

As these studies show, meditation isn’t just becoming more popular, it is also contributing to the ever-growing field of psychology. And the knock-on effect of this is the increased demand for academically trained psychologists rise in human resources (HR). This is why the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently outlined that HR positions for specialists in this field are projected to grow by 7% until 2028.

This underscores the increasing corporate demand for professionals who can comprehend the vast correlations between employee behavior, education, and business objectives.

It’s also a manifestation of the increasing application of meditation in the corporate setting, as employed by HR departments that seek to improve not just the mood of employees but company culture in general.

A recent example of this is the growing number of company-sponsored meditation programs. And as more workers in the corporate world learn meditation, the higher their self-awareness becomes – the better they themselves can actively (or even inadvertently) manifest their vision for themselves and their companies. In more ways than one, those who introduce meditation to their companies are manifesting the positive changes that they want to see.

Manifestation Meditation – The Choice Is Yours

Meditation on its own is already a powerful tool for self-awareness and thought management. Combining meditation with manifestation takes that self-awareness and gives you the perspective you need to put it into action. You don’t need to believe in magic to practice manifestation meditation – you just need to believe in yourself.

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