How to Use Zoom like a Pro (and Look Good Doing It!)

No matter which segment of society you represent, Zoom is all the jazz these days. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it is a video conferencing tool used to meet people virtually. Be it academics, professional seminars, or workshops, video conferencing is everywhere, and Zoom is leading the industry in all the right ways. Trust us, you are missing out on a lot of things if you don't know how to use zoom.

So, if you are done getting embarrassed in virtual sessions; by having your mic open at the wrong times, or the video switching on abruptly, then you have come to the right place. This piece will guide you through every challenging situation. We hope that by the end of this read, you will be able to tune in to Zoom like a Pro.

Importance of Knowing How To Use Zoom The Right Way?

In the wake of COVID-19, the world transited to virtual reality within months. From commerce to fashion, academics to business, even entertainment went online. The most significant impact of the pandemic's lockdown was on gatherings.

With social distancing on, the offices and schools all shifted into living rooms and basements. This had a profound impact on online communications, thus increasing the number of video calls as messaging apps and emails were not enough. To cater to a closed down yet working from home environment, Zoom became a lifesaver.

Even as life goes back to normal, these effects are here to stay, and you are not getting rid of online meetings anytime soon. So, it is best to master the art of Zoom’ing.

For starters, let us help you with some handy Zoom essentials:

How To Attend Zoom Meetings:

If it's your first time, terms like Zoom ID or Zoom link would sound alien. But in reality, these are pretty easy to understand. When you launch your Zoom app, on the Home Tab, you will find the option to ‘Join’ a meeting. As you click it you will be prompted to enter either an ID provided to you by the host or a Zoom link. Without these, you cannot attend a meeting.

how to use zoom

How To Host Zoom Meetings

On the other hand, to host a meeting, you must click 'New Meeting' on your Home tab. From there, you can start an instant meeting with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI). You have to share this with other people so that they can join your meeting or simply invite participants individually by adding them to your Zoom contacts.

What is Zoom Bombing, And How To Prevent It?

You've probably heard about photobombing, but zoom bombing is comparatively new. It's when uninvited participants crash your Zoom meeting. To prevent this, use the Waiting Room feature, which enables you to manage who is attempting to join your meeting. With it, you get to see everyone before allowing them access. This feature is available in Account Settings under the meeting tab (In the Zoom Web Portal). You will find a Waiting Room option here – enable it to prevent Zoombombing in your future meetings.

how to use zoom

How To Use Zoom For Professional Meetings?

If we call Zoom the best video conferencing app, it has its merit. It is more than a mere virtual face-to-face caller. Here are some features that add a professional touch to your virtual sessions:

1. Breakout Rooms:

Zoom not only bring video conferencing but also collaborating option within a video. And one such feature is Zoom Rooms. It converts your meeting into several rooms allowing the participants to interact in real-time. To enable it, go to Account Settings and navigate to the 'Breakout Room' Tab under the 'Meeting' tab.

2. Screen Sharing:

Zoom not only lets you share your face but your screen as well. This feature allows the host to display whatever is on their screen so that the participants can easily collaborate. From Docs to Ppts, everything can be used as an instant resource for everyone to see. Just press the green Share Screen arrow icon in your toolbar, and you are good to go.

3. 1-on-1 & Group Chats:

Did you know about the messenger-like chat tool that Zoom features? Zoom chat not only offers group but 1:1 private chats as well. The option is sitting right at the corner of the toolbar.

Some Quick Hacks To Prevent Embarrassments

How To Beautify Your Face:

Admit it; lockdown has made us all couch potatoes. We are too lazy to make ourselves presentable to attend a virtual meeting (why put in the effort if no one can see your pajamas). Zoom technicians are well aware of this laziness. That's why they have introduced a 'touch my appearance' filter which can polish your look and upgrade your work-from-home aesthetics. It is present in the video setting under the video tab.

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Hiding Your Face At The Right Time:

Switching off-camera in a Zoom Meeting can prevent a lot of embarrassing moments. To disable the video cam quickly, use the shortcut ALT+V on your keyboard. If using a smartphone, use the "Stop Video" icon placed in the control bar. Just click it, and you can brush your teeth or yawn (and even sleep during a meeting but do it at your own risk).

When And How To MUTE People:

All beginners have made a joke out of themselves by forgetting to shut their mics before speaking gibberish or being ambushed by someone in the background. So to prevent this from happening to you, remember to use the very helpful and precautionary Mute Icon. It is present on the toolbar shaped like a mic. A red slash on it means you are safe to speak (or scream if you wish) without any audience. On a PC, a quick way is to press Alt+A on your keyboard.

How to MUTE others:

Unwanted noise does not just pertain to physical meetings; they have crept in Zoom as well. Having so many participants in one meeting and all of them speaking at once, you can imagine the chaos. And it happens if you fail to mute them at the right time. Just go to the participant tab and hover over the person you want to mute and click. To mute them at once, just click on the 'mute all' tab on the top and enjoy silence. For unmuting, follow the same steps.

It's not finished yet; there is much more to Zoom meetings than what meets the eye

If you think this is all, you cannot be more wrong. It's just the basics; there are a plethora of features that are yet to be explored. From recording to scheduling and removing background to enhancing lighting, there is a long list of features and options. So if you want to experience the full force of Zoom, check out this detailed course.

For now, we believe you have all the info needed to look good and presentable at your next Zoom meeting.

Until next time!

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