What is Aristotle’s Cafe?

Here, we create skilled global citizens. Individuals ready to participate in society and actively shape it.


Improve your public speaking, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills


Step 1: Participants Write a Question

This can be any question, but it’s best if it’s not easy to answer with a simple “Yes” or “No”

Step 2: The Group Chooses Which Question to Start With

Discussions last approximately 1 hour, it’s never easy to predict which question we’ll start with or the direction that question will lead us.

Step 3: Reflecting on the Discussion

Finally, after the discussion has ended it’s important to think about the opinions that were brought up – finding your own meaning and value inside of what was shared.

The Benefits of Attending

These sessions will help you improve your leadership, critical thinking, public speaking, active listening skills, cultural intelligence, personal development, and communication.

If you are interested, we also have a Facilitation training course so you can lead these type of discussions in your own community.


Improve your communication skills

“We can always learn more from other people, but first – we have to ask the right questions” – Aristotle’s Cafe

What to Expect at Aristotle’s Cafe

Imagine a group of friends and strangers sitting in a circle and discussing interesting topics.

Aristotle’s Cafe session’s starts with each participant writing down their own unique question.

After reading all the questions, the group votes on their favorite one to start with. An Aristotle’s Cafe Facilitator then guides the group in a respectful, deep, and diverse conversation.

Aristotle’s Cafe is a safe place to share your ideas and opinions. An outlet for your questions – a place to learn through conversation and free expression.


Want to Bring Aristotle's Cafe to Your Community?

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Privacy Policy

© 2017 Aristotle's Cafe is a Trademark of Consult Hassan LLC