Everyone Should Be Respected

Imagine a world in which people had the chance to talk about what really matters.

Here, we believe in engaging with friends and strangers. Giving people time to practice having difficult conversations, on topics that are important. We turn tough topics into smart conversations where everyone is allowed to share their opinion freely.

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Conversations with Strangers

What to Expect at Aristotle’s Cafe

Imagine a group of friends and strangers sitting in a circle and discussing interesting topics. Aristotle’s Cafe session’s starts with each participant writing down their own unique question.

After reading all the questions, the group votes on their favorite one to start with. An Aristotle’s Cafe Facilitator then guides the group in a respectful, deep, and diverse conversation.

Aristotle’s Cafe is a safe place to share your ideas and opinions. An outlet for your questions – a place to learn through conversation and free expression. Civilized conversations on challenging topics are possible if we put in the effort.


Step 1: Participants Write a Question

This can be any question, but it’s best if it’s not easy to answer with a simple “Yes” or “No”

Step 2: The Group Chooses Which Question to Start With

Discussions last approximately 1 hour, it’s never easy to predict which question we’ll start with or the direction that question will lead us.

Step 3: Reflecting on the Discussion

Finally, after the discussion has ended it’s important to think about the opinions that were brought up – finding your own meaning and value inside of what was shared.

My “Why”

Growing up with a Father from Iran and an American-Jewish Mother I had a lot of different cultures and strong beliefs to confront from a very young age. 

I was a shy and awkward child, soft-spoken and often times misunderstood. I had all of these deep thoughts and feelings inside of me and I had no way to express them properly. Attending University I noticed that although I was learning a lot inside of the classroom, many times I still felt disconnected to the wider community outside of my group of friends.

When I designed Aristotle’s Cafe I wanted to address people’s need to be respected, engaged, and given voice in a safe environment.

After 13 Years I can say truthfully that it’s been the most valuable experience of my life. I’ve had the pleasure of holding meaningful (and sometimes difficult) conversations in North America, Europe, and Asia. It’s brought me closer to the people and cultures I’ve lived in, but it’s also brought me closer to myself.

Aristotle’s Cafe is all about letting every voice be heard. Listen to the stories and testimonials below to get a sense of the impact our community is making. If you feel inspired, join us, volunteer, or become a Facilitator.

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Make a Difference


Your Actions Matter

Bringing people together and creating a space for someone to be heard is a powerful thing.

Sometimes we forget how good it feels to be listened to. Aristotle’s Cafe Facilitators and participants come together for a 1-hour session to give one another the chance to be part of a community of respect and different perspectives.

Holding these sessions gives people confidence and allows individuals to improve their leadership, critical thinking, public speaking, active listening skills, cultural intelligence, personal development, and communication skills. All of which will help them in our ever-globalizing and diverse world.

If you are interested and ready to make a difference, we have a Facilitation training course so you can lead these type of discussions in your own community.


Improve Society

“We can always learn more from other people, but first – we have to ask the right questions” – Aristotle’s Cafe

Our Values


We value all people, opinions, and ideas. We create a space where all voices can be heard.


Life-long learning is a pillar of Aristotle’s Cafe, we find joy in new perspectives and actively pursue knowledge.


It’s more important than ever to communicate effectively to be able to make a positive change.

Want to Bring Aristotle's Cafe to Your Community?



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I hate spam just as much as you do, I'll just be sending over one message with a link to the cheat sheet and information on how to master the art of managing small group communication (I've been using this method for over 13 years).


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